Return Legacy

1. How do I become an Independent Representative (IR) of Return Legacy?
A: To become an IR of RETURN LEGACY you must be sponsored by an existing IR or can be referred to one by visiting our website Contact a member (Link: Fill up your contact details and an IR will contact you.
2. How much of the joining fees I need to paid?
A: You may pay RM51 joining fees to become our classic member or purchase any RETURN LEGACY new join package with free joining fees.
3. Can I purchase RETURN LEGACY products without being a member?
A: Yes. You can order directly from an existing IR or purchase the products from the Return Legacy office (Link:

To find a RETURN LEGACY IR, click here (Link: To be referred to one.
4. How do I get started?
A: As a new IR you will have a more experienced IR (your Sponsor) as your coach. You will be guided and given assistance to all necessary information needed at the beginning. All IRs are eligible to access their member login once they have finished the registration process. IRs may review their organization, commission records, and purchasing records; order records etc. after logging in.

You may login to that contains everything you need to get started.
5. How do I contact the company?
A: If you have any further question or inquiry that has not been answered, please send us an email ( and we will get back to you within three (3) working days.

You may find Return legacy offices outside of Malaysia. For more info, please
click here (Link:
6. How do I place an order as a RETURN LEGACY IR?
A: You may login to member login (Link: > Shopping center > Legacy Mall or order by visiting our headquarter from Monday to Friday (Operating hour: 10am to 6pm).

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