Return Legacy

  1. To uphold and follow the Business Rules and Regulations and the Code of Ethics of Return Legacy and observe total business etiquette whilst conducting business and observing the spirit of these rules.
  2. To present truthfully and honestly the Return Legacy Compensation plan and products as sanctioned in the official Return Legacy literature.
  3. To be courteous, tactful and prompt in attending to the needs of customers and to follow procedures as set out by Return Legacy in respect of replacement of return of the products.
  4. To conduct business in the highest standards of integrity, sincerity and responsibility.
  5. To respect and carry out the roles and responsibility of a distributor (IR) as set forth herein.
  6. Not to make use of any form of Return Legacy trade mark, trade name, logo, copyrighted materials, literature, promotion items or any form of Return Legacy resources for the generating other business interests.

These Company Policies and Procedures define the rights, duties and responsible of a distributor. The policies are designed for the purpose of ensuring growth and practical business operations, which all Return Legacy Independent Representatives will abide fully.

The Company Return Legacy Sdn. Bhd, a private limited company registered in Malaysia and having its principal place of business at Pusat Perdagangan Kota Damansara, Selangor.

Distributor means “Independent representative” and refers to any person or persons or company who wish to sign up with Return Legacy to market the Company products and services.

  1. Any person or persons regardless of gender, education, nationality, race, religion or political background desiring to become a distributor must complete and submit to the Company a Distributor Application Form together with a joining fee, as determined by the Company from time to time.
  2. An applicant must attain the age of 18 and above.
  3. If the applicant wishes to conduct the distributor business under a partnership and where the partnership consist of more than one partner, then the partnership must state in the distributor Application the name of one partner who is authorized to represent and act on behalf the partnership.
  4. Where permissible by law, if the applicant is a corporation, then the applicant must submit the Distributor Application together with its certified true copy of the Memorandum and Article of Association and forms 24 & 49.
  5. Any person who wishes to apply to be a distributor must have only one sponsor who is also a distributor of the Company.
  6. An applicant is considered to be a distributor of the Company when the Company accepts the Distributor Application.
  7. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any Distributor Application without having to provide any reason for its acceptance or rejection.
  1. Husbands and wives may only apply to be a distributor as one combined business entity.
  2. However, should two existing independent representatives marry they may choose either to resign one independent representative membership and relinquish the rights to his or her whole network of distributors and join the other spouse’s distributor as a co-business entity or, to keep their respective individual distributors and to operate them separately and distinct from the other.
  3. In the event of a divorce, the principal signatory on the Distributor Application shall maintain the Distributor unless the Company received a certified true copy of a Divorce Decree which orders otherwise.
  1. An active distributor enjoys the following privileges provided by the Company :
  1. Purchase Products at Distributor Price;
  2. Earn retail profits;
  3. Bonuses (in accordance to Return Legacy Compensation Plan);
  4. Trainings.
  1. All Distributors are independent contractors to solicit and deliver to the Company purchase orders for the Company’s products and are neither agents nor employees of the Company. Therefore, the Company does not withhold any insurance, taxes or the like from bonus except the taxes of non-resident of Malaysia.
  2. A distributor may change its status from individual to either a partnership or where permissible by law, a corporation, with proper documentation detailing all owners, partners, shareholders and officers of the business entity. The individual submitting the form must provide adequate documentation verifying that they are authorized to enter into binding contracts for the business entity.
  3. When submitting the request for a change of status, the applicant must certify that the incoming partner or if permissible, the Company does not have an interest in the Return Legacy Independent distributor within six (6) month prior to submission of the form.
  4. By signing the Distributor Application Form, he/she hereby fully agrees to be bound by the term and conditions as stipulated in the Policies & Procedures and to comply with the Direct Sales Act 1993.
  5. If the distributor is a partnership, the Company reserves the right to approve or reject any change of the distributor’s partner(s). If the distributor is a corporation, the Company also reserves the right to approve or reject any change of the distributor’s members of the board or its shareholders.
  6. All distributors have equal rights to conduct their business anywhere without any territorial exclusively as long as the Company has established a corporate presence and approval within the said country.
  1. A distributor may resign by giving written notice to the Company.
  2. If a distributor resigns, that distributor and his/her spouse, may not apply for a new distributor for at least six (6) months after the notice of resignation has been received by the Corporate Office. All the resigned distributor’s downline will then be transferred to his/her immediate upline sponsor.
  1. Bonus periods are figured on twice a month basis, and paid directly to qualified Member. It is a computerized online bonus statement and will be generated twice a month to bonus qualifier only. The company does not encourage mailing of bonus statement and will not anticipate under this request.
  2. A dispute or discrepancy in the bi-weekly bonus calculation or claim of non-receipt of bonus must be brought to the attention of the Company in writing within 15 days from the date the bonus is issued.
  3. All bonuses that are offered by the Company are valid and redeemable only whilst the member’s agreement is in force. The company reserves the right to deduct at any time, and / all money owed by him/her to the Company from any bonuses due to him/her.
  1. The Company reserves the rights to update, amend or delete any clause of these Policies and Procedures hereto without notice to anyone affected by such amendments.
  2. All distributors are required to comply with the Policies and Procedures of the Company. The Company may take necessary action should any distributor violates or breaches any of these terms or provisions.
  3. The distributor is responsible for bearing all costs and expenses incurred in the conduct of their distributor business.
  4. In operating the distributor’s business, he/she shall at all times protect and promote the reputation of the Company and the products or services of the Company and shall refrain from all conducts which may be harmful or cause damage to the reputation of the Company or to the marketing of such products/services or inconsistent with the public interest and shall not engage in any discourteous, deceptive, misleading and unethical practices.
  5. It is the responsibility of the distributor to notify the Company in writing if there is a change of address or contact number. This will ensure all distributor’s details are kept up to date.
  6. Where any of the information declared or stated in the prescribed form is false or misleading or incorrect or the Company has reason to believe that such information in the prescribed form is false, misleading or incorrect the Company shall be entitled to :-
  1. summarily terminate the distributorship; or
  2. transfer or move the distributor and/or his entire downline or part thereof to a group deemed appropriate by the Company; or
  3. suspend the distributor for any period of time; or
  4. withhold any bonus, commission, benefits or incentives due or accrued to the distributor; or
  5. take any action deemed fit or appropriate by the Company.
  6. If any mail is returned, that distributor will automatically be taken off the list and will no longer receive any Company mails until the details of the distributor are corrected or updated.
  7. Distributors are encouraged to attend the Company Meetings or Trainings. Appropriate business attire is required at Business Opportunity Meetings and Company Training meetings.
  1. The Company strictly prohibits its distributor from joining other direct sales companies or similar trade.
  2. Should it be proven beyond reasonable doubt that a distributor has knowingly approached another distributor with the intention of introducing him/her/them into another direct sales company or influence another distributor to leave his or her sponsor and join his/her network, that offending distributor will have his/her Independent distributorship terminated immediately.
  1. Distributor will not misrepresent the Company’s products and /or its Compensation Plan in any manner whatsoever at any time.
  2. Misrepresentation includes, but is not necessarily limited to the following :
  1. Making a representation of the Company’s products which are not specifically stated by the Company in its literature.
  2. Revealing the Compensation Plan with any person without clearly advising them that no remuneration is received solely for enrolling or sponsoring new distributors.
  3. Revealing the Compensation Plan with any person without clearly advising them that there is no requirement to pay a fee or purchase any products other than the joining fee to become a distributor.
  4. Stating that any person has made or may make any specific income through the use of the Compensation Plan and/or by the sale of the company’s products whether by specific example, geometric progression, or otherwise. Unless in the same presentation, it is stated that said hypothetical or potential earnings do not constitute typical or average earning, as earnings may vary due to individual efforts, geographical location, timing and many other factors.
  5. Re-packaging, re-labeling, selling or attempting to sell the Company’s products under any other name, packaging or label.
  1. Distributors are prohibited from diagnosing or purporting to diagnose any medical condition or prescribe Distributor products as a specific treatment for any disease or condition (Example: stating the product can “cure”).
  2. Each distributor shall hold the Company harmless from any claim, damage or liability arising out of the conduct of the distributor business.
  1. The Company strictly prohibits the purchase of inventory in unreasonable amounts solely for the purpose of qualifying for bonuses or rank advancement in the marketing programme.
  2. All forms of stock-piling or pyramiding for the sole purpose of qualifying for bonuses or rank advancement in the marketing program are strictly prohibited.
  3. The Company strictly prohibits sales of its range of products through retail stores.
  4. Distributors must sell and distribute products according to the customer/distributor prices. No price undercutting is allowed. The Distributor understands and agrees that any attempt by Distributor to sell products, whether directly or indirectly, at a price lower than the customer/distributor price will result in the Company imposing a penalty of a sum up to RM10,000.00 per product payable by the Distributor in breach upon demand from the Company and suspension with immediate effect in accordance to Section 4, Part 3 herein.
  1. A sponsor is an existing distributor who introduces to the Company an applicant for appointment as a distributor, who will in turn becomes a distributor upon the Company’s acceptance of his/her Distributor Application.
  2. “Upline” means a distributor’s sponsor and the distributor’s own Upline. “Downline” means a distributor’s own recruited member(s) and the Distributor’s recruited member’s downline and so forth.
  3. A sponsoring distributor has the responsibility to assist, train, develop and monitor a member whom they introduce, in the various aspects of the program. Failure to comply with this responsibility could lead to the termination of the sponsorship.
  4. In addition, every person has the initial right to choose his or her own sponsor. If two distributors claim to be the sponsor of the same new distributor, the Company shall regard the first completed application received by the Corporate Office as the controlling sponsor.
  1. The Company prohibits the changing of sponsors, due to the destabilizing effect it can have on the distributor force.
  1. A Distributor business may be willed.
  2. Legal proof of the beneficiaries to the distributor business must be provided to the Company.
  3. However, the Company will only recognize one inheritor, be it individual, married couple or business entity.
  1. The Company reserves the right to suspend and terminate any distributor found to have violated and breached the provisions of Policies and Procedures as amended from time to time.
  2. The Company may terminate the appointment of a distributor at any time by not less than seven (7) days’ notice in the event :

    1. the distributor breaches any law or regulations governing or regulating direct sales; or
    2. the distributor breaches any of the Rules and Regulations herein or the Code of Ethics; or
    3. the conduct and actions of the distributor adversely affects or is likely to adversely affect the interests, image or reputation of the Company; or
    4. the distributor commits a criminal offence or an act of bankruptcy; or
    5. in the opinion of the Company the distributor is not a fit and proper person to be a distributor of the Company; or.
    6. where any statement or declaration in the distributor’s application form to the Company contains any false misleading or inaccurate information; or
    7. where the Company receives any complaint against the distributor which in the sole opinion of the Company warrants the termination of the distributor’s appointment.

  3. A distributor is deemed to be in breach of this policies and procedure when his/her Associate engages in any conduct which if the Associate is a distributor, would tantamount to a breach of this Agreement and as such would entitle the Company to exercise its rights under this section.
  4. An “Associate” means

    1. If the distributor is accustomed or under any obligation, whether formal or informal, to act in accordance with the directions, instructions or wishes of another person (whether alone or together with others) - that person;
    2. Any person who controls or is in a position to control, whether alone or together with other person, the distributor.
    3. It is incumbent on the distributor to prove that the relevant person identified by the Company as an Associate of the distributor is not an Associate of the distributor.
    4. The Company may suspend a distributor where in the opinion of the Company the distributor has breached or may be in breach of this agreement. The suspension will remain in place until the distributor’s breach or alleged breach is rectified to the Company’s satisfaction.

  5. If a distributor is suspended:

    1. He/she must not represent himself/herself as a distributor of Return Legacy products, or purchase or place orders for the products;
    2. He/she is not entitled to the benefits of a Return Legacy independent distributorship and bonus payments;
    3. The benefits of the Return Legacy independent distributorship including entitlements (if any) to bonus payments will be deemed to have ceased accruing from the commencement of the week in which he/she breach occurred or is alleged to have occurred (the Effective Date) and where the bonus payments, for the week in which the alleged breach has occurred, have been paid to a distributor, such payment must be refunded to the Company by the pending resolution of the dispute.
    4. If the breach or the investigation into the alleged breach is waived or resolved (as the case may be) in the distributor’s favor, the suspension ceases and entitlements to bonus payments and to benefits of the independent distributorship resume as from the effective Date;
    5. If the Company determines that there has been a breach of the Policies and Procedures by the distributor, the Company may terminate his/her appointment as distributor of the Company effective from the effective date with no entitlements to the benefits as from that date.
    6. The termination of the appointment by the Company will be notified in writing. Notice of termination given by the Company shall be directed to the distributor’s last known address as recorded in the Company’s records by registered post and shall be deemed to be received the day immediately following dispatch. If that day is Saturday, Sunday or public holiday at the place of receipt, then the notice shall be deemed to be received on the next succeeding general business day at that place.
    7. In addition the distributor shall not for a period of three (3) years from the date of such termination recruit or attempt to recruit by any means whatsoever any distributors of the company to join (whether directly or indirectly) another direct or multi-level marketing company.

  6. Upon termination of a distributor’s appointment the distributor’s downline may be transferred upwards subject always that the company shall be entitled to withhold or suspend the transfer of the distributor’s downline until such time as the Company deems fit or maintain the status quo by substitution of the distributor with a dummy.
  7. For distributor disputes, the Company reserves the right to call upon an independent Board of inquiry to investigate into any disputes or breaches of policy by any distributor. The Board’s decision shall be final and no appeals shall be entertained.
  8. The Company reserves the right to impose a monetary penalty on the parties involved. The penalty shall be determined by the Company and will vary from case to case.
  9. The Company may at any time apply any part of any amount owing (whether payable or not) to the distributor by the Company, including, but without limitation bonus, in or towards satisfaction of any debt or moneys owing by the distributor to the Company.
  1. The Company copyrights all of its printed materials, sales aids, tapes etc in order to prevent others, particularly competitors, from copying, altering or duplicating such printed materials or sales aids.
  2. Any distributor who wishes to use the Return Legacy name, trademarks or copyrighted materials must obtain approval from the Company by submitting the Company, at least 14 days prior to intended publication. All submissions must be made in writing.
  3. All distributors agree to indemnify the Company and hold the Company harmless from any and all liability including judgments, civil penalties, refunds, attorney fees, court costs or lost business incurred by the Company as a result of any advertising or any, unauthorized misrepresentations made by any distributor.
  4. All Return Legacy materials, whether printed, on film or produced by sound recording are copyrighted and are NOT be reproduced in whole or in part by distributors or any other person except as authorized by the Company.
  5. A distributor shall not purchase, sell or distribute non-company materials, which imply or suggest that said materials originated from the Company.
  6. A distributor shall not at any time use the Return Legacy name or any of its trademarks as part of its own independent distributor name, or imply in any other way that it is an agent of employee of the Company.
  7. The ONLY authorized use of the Return Legacy name by a distributor is to identify him/herself as an INDEPENDENT DISTRIBUTOR. All cards, signs, etc utilized by a distributor of the Company.
  8. Distributor shall only use literature produced by the Company. Literature that has been photocopied is not Company approved and is not permitted.
  9. Any video and/or audio taping is absolutely not permitted unless prior approval from the Company is attained.
  10. Distributors, as independent contractors, are fully responsible for all verbal and written statements made regarding the Return Legacy products and/or the marketing program, which are not expressly contained in materials supplied by the Company.
  1. Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act, 1993, a cooling off period of ten (10) days will be given to the customer in deciding to purchase the products/service. During cooling off period, the customer can change his/her mind as to whether he/she wishes to return the product to the seller. No down payment must be collected and no delivery of the products during this period.
  2. Where the sale of the Company’s products is of a value of RM300 or more the distributor must ensure that the contract of sale is in writing and shall contain immediately above the place provided for signature of the purchaser the statement “ THIS CONTRACT IS SUBJECT TO A COOLING-OFF PERIOD OF TEN WORKING DAYS “ printed in upper case in type not smaller than 18 points and shall ensure that the contract is signed by both the distributor and the purchaser and immediately thereafter the distributor must give a duplicate copy of the contract to the purchaser together with a notice informing the purchaser of his right to rescind the contract before the expiry of the cooling-off period aforesaid and a notice in the format prescribed by the Direct Sales and Anti-Pyramid Scheme Act, 1993. In addition the products may not be delivered and no payment may be collected from the purchaser during the Cooling-Off Period.
  3. Notice of Waiver :-
  4. Should a customer require the product or service earlier than the cooling off period of 10 working days, he/she can serve a Notice of Waiver after 72 hours has lapsed from the time the Sales Contract was signed. Upon receipt of the Notice of Waiver, the seller can deliver the products and collect the payment accordingly.
  1. As a policy of the company, stock purchased could not be returned in order to refund cash.
  2. Stock may only be returned to exchange for different product with similar or higher value. If the stock replaced is of higher value, the Member must pay the difference in cash.
  3. The distributor must fill up Product Exchange & Return Form and attach the relevant invoices. The Company reserves the right to reject the exchange if it is not satisfied with the documents submitted.
  4. Stocks are only exchangeable within a 30 days period from the date the stock(s) was purchased.
  5. No return on Marketing Material & Sales Kits Material.
  6. Stock exchange & return does not cover product(s) which are intentionally damaged, abused or misused.
  1. Any distributor who received product(s) which may have been damaged in transit; damage due to manufacturer’s default, or were incorrectly shipped should notify the Company and supply the relevant details in Product Exchange & Return Form.
  2. Upon receiving a complaint, the Company will investigate into the complaint and if the complaint is reasonable, the Company will provide to the distributor a replacement product(s) or full-credit to the purchase of another product(s) and also bear for the re-shipping cost.
  3. However, intentionally damaged products and mishandled stocks are not included in this policy.
  4. The Company shall not ship any product replacement until the said damaged stocks, a copy of the Product Exchange & Return Form and a proof of purchase receipts has reached the Company.
  1. The Direct Sales Act, 1993 requires all distributors to produce their Sales Receipts to the Company as evidence that legitimate sales are made to legitimate consumers in order to receive bonus payments.
  2. When making a purchase of Return Legacy products, each distributor must confirm to have supplied to or received orders from customers and/or consumed at least 70% of Return Legacy products previously purchased and supplied. In Return Legacy’s Compensation Plan, there is no requirement for inventory loading and therefore all distributors should only purchase a reasonable quantity of products to service their customers or for personal consumption.
  3. In the event after such an assurance, a distributor may still have some substantial amount of unsold Return Legacy product(s) at hand which were purchased within a 3-months period and still in a re-saleable condition, the distributor may return the unsold, re-saleable stocks to the Company for a full credit towards the exchange of another product(s) through the Company‘s buy-back Policy. No BV shall be given for such buy-back stocks. A Product Exchange & Return Form and purchase receipt must be submitted with the unsold, re-saleable product(s) to the Company as a proof of purchase.
  4. If a distributor requests a full refund of money for the unsold, re-saleable product(s), such request shall be deemed an intention to resign from his/her Independent distributorship with the Company. In this case, the Company shall accept the product return through its Buy-Back Policy, and make a full refund at distributor price, less all bonuses and incentives paid to the resigning distributor. The Company shall also deduct all the bonuses paid from all upline sponsors and who received payment of incentives/bonuses on the returned product(s).
  5. Re-saleable condition means unused/unopened product(s) with the seal intact, good labels; un-spoilt packaging; and reasonable balance of expiry date which other distributors are still willing to purchase.
  6. 10% of distributor price will be deducted for administration cost of products returned.
  7. Refund for the returned products would be released 1 month after finalizing the return.
  1. All products can be purchased directly from the Company’ or by way of online purchase.
  2. Proprietary rights to the product will only pass from the Company to the customer upon the Company’s receipt of full payment by the distributor and acceptance of the purchase order by the Company.
  3. All Sales Sponsoring Aids sold by the Company does not carry any WP and does not count towards any bonus computation.
  4. The Company will accept orders :

    1. Through Return Legacy online purchase system or
    2. In person at Sales Counter at Corporate Office.
      Important: Always insists on getting your distributor Cash Bill whenever you make any purchase.

  5. Do not send cash. If a distributor chooses to do so, he/she will do so at his/her own risk as the Company cannot guarantee any receipt of payment.
  6. Payment may be made by:

    1. Cash (if the purchase is made at the Sales Counter). No cheque payment is accepted; or
    2. Online Transfer (GIRO); or
    3. Credit Card (Visa / MasterCard / Debit Card).

  7. Deposit of funds can be made to the following bank account:

  8. Banker                : Maybank Berhad
    Account Name    : Return Legacy Sdn. Bhd.
    Branch                : Giza Mall, Kota Damansara
    Account Number : 512754516177

    Banker                : Public Bank Berhad
    Account Name    : Return Legacy Sdn. Bhd.
    Branch                : Giza Mall, Kota Damansara
    Account Number : 3189825535

    Banker                : CIMB Bank Berhad
    Account Name    : Return Legacy Sdn. Bhd.
    Branch                : The Strand, Kota Damansara
    Account Number : 8006993832

  9. All back orders must be collected personally at the Sales Counter. Proof of purchase must be produced when claiming back-orders.
    Note: All distributors have the right not to make a Back Order Purchase if they choose not to do so.
  10. Delivery Orders:
    1. All online orders received before 12:00noon, Monday to Friday which are to be shipped via courier, will be processed on the same day and will usually be delivered within 72 hours of processing except outskirt area. Orders received after 12noon will be processed and shipped on the next working day. Orders being sent via courier cannot be sent to P.O.Box.
    2. The Company shall attempt a maximum number of two (2) deliveries to your address per order and in the event you or your representative are unable or shall fail to receive the parcel at both deliveries, the parcel shall be returned to the Company’s Sales Counter. Any redelivery attempts thereafter or change of delivery address shall incur a reshipment fee to be paid the distributor before the said redelivery attempt. All parcels returned to the Sales Counter shall be retained for a maximum duration of three (3) months from the date of the purchase order. Any parcels not claimed or retrieved after the expiry of three (3) months are deemed to be forfeited by the distributor.
    3. The Company reserves the right to revise the shipping and handling charges from time to time.
    4. Check the Cash Bill when an order is received.
    5. If an item is missing from an order and there is not back order, Please telephone the Customer Service Department within 7 day.
  11. All distributors should check their order or goods are correctly state in the Cash Bill and are in order BEFORE leaving the Sales Counter and notify the Customer Service Department of any missing items.
  12. Upon receipt of an order according to the Cash Bill details, the distributor must sign on the Cash Bill to acknowledge full receipt. The Company will not responsible for any discrepancy claims made after the distributor has left the counter.
  13. Any requirement to return any product(s) and/or sales aid to the Corporate Office, please contact the Customer Service Department before returning the goods.
  1. Distributors may create a personal home page to provide and share information on their business and themselves with friends and downlines.
  2. Distributors’ website must be pass code protected. Such pass codes must not be easily determined by uninvited individuals seeking entrance.
  3. Use of the website or any broadcast communication methods, including mass mailing, telemarketing, national or international advertising through radio, television, facsimile services, computer communications network or any other means by which person to person contact is not present, as a channel for the dissemination of mass communication or information whether in graphic, printed or audible form with the purpose of offering business opportunities, securing customers, selling or to promote the sales of products, or the sales or offer for sale of business support materials by Distributor is prohibited.
  4. Distributors are prohibited from using the website for sending, transmitting or otherwise communicating of any unsolicited e-mail messages to persons with whom the Distributor does not have a pre-existing personal or business relationship.
  5. Website’s content must comply with Return Legacy’s and must contain a privacy statement that is consistent with local laws.
  6. Websites are not to be operated and maintained in compliance with all Malaysia laws, regulations and codes and there shall be no unauthorized use of intellectual property rights of others.
  7. Distributors shall not without the written consent of Return Legacy use Return Legacy’s intellectual property including trade or service marks or any variations likely to cause confusion with Return Legacy’s trade or service marks in their website addresses or e-mail addresses including a meta tag or other site locator.
  8. Distributor shall not make any representations in their websites that expressly or imply in any manner to guarantee success in any aspect of the Return Legacy Business Opportunity.
  1. The distributor shall indemnity and keep the Company indemnified against all costs, claims, fees (including legal fees on a solicitors client basis in the event of court action) and expenses incurred by and/or made against and upon the Company by any person due to any breach or violation of the policies and procedures contained herein.
  2. Further the distributor shall be all times indemnify and keep indemnified the Company against all summons, action, proceedings,, claims and demand, costs, damages, losses, liabilities, penalties, fines and expenses which may be imposed by any relevant appropriate authority or which may be levied brought or made against or which it may pay sustain or incur by reason of any act or omission of the distributor in conducting its distributor business.

** Remark: If there is any discrepancy between Chinese and English, the English text shall prevail.

PPIR / Rev 2 / 2017

A certified member of Malaysian
Direct Distribution Association