NUREOX de’CLEANSE - the first step to a healthier you. Distinctively made with all-natural plant-based ingredients, this high dietary fiber beverage helps to cleanse and detoxify your body.

NUREOX de’CLEANSE contains all the ingredients needed to promote a healthy digestive system, balance intestinal microflora and alleviate occasional constipation in a natural way.

Rich with fiber, it helps to satiate hunger, manage food and energy intake which contributes to a healthy weight management. It also enhances the absorption of nutrients from diet to improve the overall nutrition intake leading to the development of better health, a clear and smooth complexion and the removal of toxins. On top of all the benefits, NUREOX de’CLEANSE contains specially handpicked kiwi fruits, giving you a fresh, fruity and delicious taste!

NUREOX de’CLEANSE - your perfect choice to an inner cleanse and outer beauty!
Maltodextrin, Psyllium husk, Kiwi juice powder, Xylo-oligosaccharides (XOS), Chitin & Beta-glucan, Sucralose, Wheatgrass, Guar Gum, Chlorophyll
How to consume
Mix 1 sachet with 200 – 300 ml lukewarm water, consume 1 to 2 sachets per day or when necessary.

Saw Siao Mun


Ms Lun

在服用了一个月的Nureox de'CLEANSE 以后,我便秘的问题得到了改善,顺带也塑造了比较苗条的身材 ~

Mun Yee

还没服用de’CLEANSE之前,我一直都有便秘问题。拿到de’CLEANSE后马上服用了一包,那时候秤了体重是82.4kg,第二天早上我还没睡醒,肚子就已经有""感觉""了。 吃过了午餐,体重是81.9kg。晚上再服用一包,第三天排便后体重掉到了80.8kg。真心觉得这是一个很好的fiber,不但好喝,肚子也不会绞痛,排便也非常顺畅

Wee Ling

Good product! My tummy become flatter


taste good and easy to consume! It solved my constipation issue