After DETOX 215, you will definitely notice an improvement in your overall health. DETOX 215 helps to eliminate toxins from the body, lighten the digestive burden so that it can rest, repair and restore its function. In addition, this detoxification plan also enhances nutrient absorption and improve overall health.


Immune system plays an important role in keeping the damaging effects of inflammation and oxidative stress at low level. Having a health-promoting diet and lifestyle are the keys to reduce inflammation. Diet contains high antioxidants such as fruits and vegetables help to keep inflammation and damage from free radicals at bay.

Healthy and Damaged Cells

All the cells in the body are either perfectly healthy, or has been damaged. Only healthy cells can form healthy tissues, healthy organs and a healthy organism, and therefore must be protected. Damaged cells, meanwhile, must be repaired. A group of damaged cells affect the function of tissue, impair organ function and is one of the pathways to develop diseases.



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Reoxlife Mediterranean Gold Plus

Mediterranean Gold Plus is inspired by the Mediterranean diet, one of the healthiest and most highly-recommended diets in the world. The Mediterranean diet has been shown to improve health conditions such as diabetes, high blood cholesterol, and high blood pressure. Mediterranean Gold Plus comes with ground-breaking formulation – LePheno®, extensively researched, created, and produced exclusively for Return Legacy in collaboration with Fytexia.

Mediterranean Gold Plus helps enhance the self-production of antioxidant enzyme known as superoxide dismutase (SOD). SOD is a supremely powerful antioxidant found in cells. It is part of the body’s first line of defence against free radicals. Thus, it helps prevent damage done to tissues while also shielding healthy cells from damages. It decelerates the aging process, strengthens the immune system, and reduces oxidative stress.

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Reoxlife Potent

Reoxlife Potent is loaded to the brim with antioxidants. It contains Micro-Mineralised Nutrient Technology MMNT®, a technology which stabilizes negative hydrogen ions. Negative hydrogen ion is the smallest and a powerful antioxidant to keep cells protected from oxidative damage.

It also contains cantaloupe extract which is a rich source of antioxidant enzymes. To maximise its absorption, wheat protein extract is added to protect the antioxidants enzymes from stomach acid and enhance its absorption in intestines.

Reoxlife Potent contains antioxidants which fight against free radicals and reduce the amount of damage they cause. It reduces inflammation in the body and thus helps to heal cells which have been damaged by the inflammation.



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SALLY H • Selangor


I had taken the products since last year.. Before I consume the products, I always have flu. After I consume around 1 month, my immune system is getting better and now seldom have flu. Thanks to Return Legacy.


Hasbi Khalif • Selangor

Sangat baik!

Produk ini sangat berkesan dan terbaik untuk keluarga saya. Anak saya sering mudah berjangkit dari kawan-kawan di sekolah jika mereka mengalami batuk dan selsema kerana kekurangan immun di dalam badan. Setelah anak dan seluruh keluarga saya mengambil pakej immune30 dari return legacy, hasil dan keberkesanan produk ini sangat luar biasa. Kami tidak mudah lagi untuk berjangkit dari orang yang mengalami simptom kurang sihat dan berasa lebih bertenaga dan tidak mudah letih. Sangat bagus!


Sin Mun • Pulau Pinang


Gold Plus和Potent。个人意见觉得这两个产品帮助了增强我和家庭里的成员的身体健康!每一天都在喝!它们帮助提高免疫力,帮助我们不容易生病 而且长期保持身体的最佳状态!喝了之后每一天也不容易觉得累而且还很有活力和所需要足够的体力去干活了!肌肤也达到健康和美容的效果,它也能帮助减少橘皮组织及紧致肌肤!而且喝多了也不必害怕有任何副作用因为它是萃取于天然成分,不含有害化学物质。除此之外,我们家的老人也能安心的服用这个产品虽然他们有高血糖和高血压!因为Mediterranean Gold Plus 含有的成分能帮助维持良好的血压和血糖!所以这两年以来真心觉得Return Legacy的产品帮助了我们每一个家人!感恩!


Ah Wen • Sarawak


我是游子没有父母在身边所以什么都要自己来照顾自己,所以我很照顾健康,有经常运动来保持身体的健康。可是饮食方面就很难达到健康的标准,因为都是在外面用餐或者打包的食物回家吃。我就找到Return Legacy 的 Immune 30配套来吃以提高我身体的免疫能力。吃了一个月,我的肌肉和精神都明显改善了,肌肉变得更加紧实和光滑,精神和体力也比较好,不会那么容易累,运动时也比较有活力了。还有就是排便方面更顺畅了,把我身体的毒素排出,整个人都轻松多了,感觉年轻了不少,所以我会继续吃这个配套让我更加年轻,我也会买这个配套给我们父母让他们保持身体健康和更年轻。


Marian Lim • Kedah

Its Really Work!

friend suggest to me to buy this Immune 30 package because i have a problem with less immune in the body, She said this package is for boost our immune system. I tried this product in 2 months and I feel very happy with the results and its effectiveness. I feel now my body is very difficult to get a fever and a strong cough. I feel very comfortable and energetic after consume potent and medietrraneangold plus. Please try this package. Worth it.



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